Dawes Aluminum Made Folding Bikes

Parking is getting so difficult these days that you hardly find an empty space to where you can park your car or your bike. Commuters find it a hassle to use their cars or even ride trains or bus as it may cause a lot of delays. What better option can you find than having an aluminum made folding bike for you convenience? Dawes 2008 look forward give commuters a hassle free ride along the busy highway.

Aluminum made folding bikes are bikes that fold to fit small spaces. They can be placed to the boot of a car and quickly folded back together for further transportation on two wheels. The Dawes bicycle brand offers a unique blend of British heritage with an outstanding performance. It limitless passion for service, quality and value for money. The 2008 range delivers cycling excellence from a bedrock of corporate strength which guarantees after sales support, reliable warranty and customer focused brand values. It has a line of models that fits everyone taste for folding bicycles.

The Dawes Jack is a great entry level folding for the trusted name. It has a 6 speed dérailleur gears, solid dependable v brakes, mudguards and rack all fitted as standard on an aluminum frame. This models is quite an exceptional value for money. The Dawes jack is an exceptionally good value folding bicycle. The 6 speed dérailleur gears are simple and very easy to operate. The standard accessories of this mode include the rear carrier rack and mudguards for every day practicality, a folding pedal to decrease the folded size and an adjustable handlebar stem to allow you to adjust the bar height to suit the rider. Dawes Jack is a solid reliable folding bike perfect for your needs.

As we all know the original Dawes Kingpin is quite a legend. It started in the 1970’s, unlike its heavy, ugly contemporary bikes that rode badly, the kingpin folding bike that nibbles and felt like a proper bike, and the folding hinge was really a clever feature. Today, the new Kingpin is now made with aluminum to make the new bike much lighter. It comes with more gears and folds even more precisely than the original. The King Pin aluminum made folding bike is the main stay of the Dawes folding bike range.

The Dawes Ace is probably the top among the Dawes folding bike range. It has all the features that you would expect from a high spec bike. It has an Aluminum frame along with lightweight alloy handlebars and stem, Sram gears, quality Kinetix alloy wheel that features a dynamo hub located in the front to power the light set all fitted as standard. The other quality branded parts completes the specification that results in a incredibly practical and stylish folding bike which suits the daily commuter.

The Dawes Range of folding bike indeed defines a competitive aluminum folding bike model. These bikes are best used in a busy street. It has a high competency of performance that will sure cater all your needs.