Do the Downside Footplant on Your Bike

Downside Footplant is not at all difficult to learn, but you need some time if you want to do it perfectly. This is not one of the most spectacular tricks you can learn, but you will definitely have some incredible satisfaction and you will also feel the rush of adrenaline you want when you put your foot at the base of the quarter.

It is very probably that you won’t feel very comfortable if you learn to do this trick right on the quarter, therefore, you should learn it on flatland. This means that you have to choose a higher kerb and start your training. At first, you have to ride parallel to the kerb, do a bunny hop when you reach it, then take your foot off the pedal when you are up, put it on the kerb and then put it back on the pedal. Everything has to be done very quickly if you want to be successful.

Once you have learned this move on flatland, you can move on to the quarter. The easiest way to learn it is to spin the other way as compared to the one you have got accustomed to. This looks faster and more natural, but it is up to you to choose the foot you want to use when you do this trick.

For starters, you can speed up just as much as you need to reach the half of the quarter. You do the bunny hop and after spinning ninety degrees, you take your foot off the pedal. You put it on the quarter firmly, you extend a little, after which you pull the bike towards you and jump on the pedal.

If you have trouble landing when you do this trick, it is probably because you haven’t done the bunny hop properly when you reached ninety degrees and therefore, you couldn’t pull the bike towards you. Another very common mistake made by those who learn this trick is that they put their foot on the quarter too early. If you do this, there are big chances that things will turn out ugly.