Enjoying a Cruiser Bike For Old Time’s Sake – What You Should Know About This

For those of us who have been around since the days of post world war II, the cruiser bikes were a common sight seen on the roads, as these were the most popular two wheelers back in those good old days.

As it is said “fashion is such an ugly thing that it doesn’t stay around for long and has to be changed regularly”. Same fate was met with by the early day cruisers which almost disappeared from the roads just as puddles do after days of sunshine.

But not for long as the days came back again when the collectors started hunting for the classic vintage models for refurbishing the antiques at the turn of the century. That is when the Schwinn started producing the long lost designs once again as they started gaining popularity with the antique style lovers, especially those who had paddled them in their childhood and still remembered the comfort and stability that came with the additional weight and its famous balloon tires.

Today you can find the same old comfort in a beach, multiple speed, and stretch and kids cruiser bike. Just for the old time’s sake get on one and let yourself take a ride down your memory lane when the sun shone bright and you had your youthful smile fixed on your face when you first got your new cruiser for the first time as a child and paddled down the street to show it off to your friends.

You can repeat the history with your grand children with a kid’s cruiser and watch your childhood replay in front of your own eyes. As your future generation paddles along the road in the same way as you used to do half a century ago. Those were the good old days.