Even Bikes Need a Ride

Do you get bored with the normal biking course? Do you want to experience a new high? Tracks on unorthodox places such as forests hills and mountains provide a new rush of excitement when it comes to biking.

The ugly part is the transportation. Obviously, you don’t want to pedal your way to the track that is miles and miles away from where you live. And sometimes even if you give it a try, you can’t make it to the site with just your bicycle. Thank God, bike carriers have been created. With these automobile gadgets, your bicycles will be transported with safety.

Bike carriers are the answers too outdoor bikers’ prayers. Bike carriers, or often called bike racks are optional devices that are added to the vehicles roof part, top maintain the bike stable and secured during travel.

For long trips and bumpy roads, drivers can be sure that Thule AB’s bike carriers will be up to the test. These bike carriers have sophisticated lock systems reliable enough to hold your bikes through whatever roads you need to pass by to find the best bike track for you.

When it comes to bike racks and other transportation accessories, there is only one name prominent enough to be remembered; Thule AB. Founded back in Sweden in 1942, they have seven decades of experience in providing bike racks towing systems and other transportation accessories.

They have been the leader thus far in sports and utility transportation. Ever since the company started seventy years ago, it was all a fight worth the blood. Now the company has sales and branches all over the world.

Browsing from the official website of Thule, it is noticeable that there are a lot of product models to choose from. You can immediately tell that they are no rookies to the business as each of their product, though they may serve the same purpose, there have their own unique characteristics that differentiate them from each other.

With a price range of 100 to 500$, you can be ensured that your bike will be secure and stable before the ride of your life.

The long years of experience made Thule a capable and formidable bike rack company. And it’s not just age that put them on top; it’s the prime performance of the products that they have been producing. Excellence and nothing more for their loyal enthusiasts and customers.