Extreme Bike Crashes in Races

Motor bike racing sometimes produces some of them most extreme bike crashes ever caught on camera. Because of the nature of the speed and relatively vulnerable state of the cyclists it is easy to lose control and cause an extreme accident. Most motorcycle races involve speeds over a hundred miles an hour. At that velocity, all it takes is a slight turn in the wrong direction in a steep turn to create a devastating accident. Precautions are taken in motor bike design and in the bikers’ suits to prevent serious injury from motorbike crashes, but still there is very little that can be done to stop a 200 mph crash from turning ugly.

Bikers train from years to handle their bikes under pressure. With a two ton bike underneath you going at over 150 mph, there is a lot of force to deal with. Apart from the velocity, you have factors like wind, rain, pitch, and other bikers to deal with. Many accidents are due to the close range of other bikers. A small nudge in the right direction is the last thing a bike racer needs from his buddies. Some of the most extreme bike crashes happen right when a group of racers are bunched in the inner ring fighting for the inner circle. There is more chance of crashes in extreme weather changes as well.

With pads for their knees, ankles, bottom, shoulders, elbows and back, bikers are fairly well protected. While a number of bikers die every year due to bike accidents, many of them live to tell the tale. So many bikers have suffered serious accidents, only to walk off the race track in frustration of losing another race. Precautions in the making of racing bikes also ensure that the bikes do not burst into flames or explode due to crashing.