Great Commuter Diamondback Bikes – What You Should Know About This Cycling Equipment

For anyone who has to commute on daily basis on a bike as to how comfortable his bike should be in comparison to its looks and efficiency. All the factors have an important place when it comes to buying a bike for your daily traveling needs.

Personally I would not like to be seen on an ugly looking bike which may be very comfortable, but on the other hand my wife will not compromise on comfort. The efficiency factor is common for both of us, because if the bike is not efficient or is too heavy, we will end up huffing and puffing half way to home.
After a lot of research in the market and on the internet we came across a bike which we both for once agreed upon (we both love to travel on identical bikes).

We had used comfort bikes (My wife’s selection) which I did not approve in appearance and neither were they efficient enough. Then we went for road bikes (My choice) and my wife kept complaining of discomfort, but they were comparatively more efficient and less tiring for me.

Though we both enjoyed trying out the mountain bikes, but decided against them as they do not suit our personality (We both are in late forties and are college professors who teach Philosophy and Math at a local college ) which we have to maintain in front of our students who most are fervent users of them.

What clicked us most were the hybrid diamondback bikes. I will without any hesitation accept that I also find our latest discovery very comfortable and efficient in paddling. They are even good to look at. My wife has no complaints about this and probably this will be the one we will stay with for a long time, as diamondback bikes are not just good looking they are very light weight as compared to the comfort bike and far more efficient than a regular road bike. These high performance bikes are great at keeping us in good health and great physical condition as far as shape and muscle build up is concerned.

What I would advise my friends who are out there reading my article, that daily commuting should be avoided by means of powered transport as much as possible for health and well being reasons. Our world is getting physically unfit at a very fast rate. The only reason is that we have removed all aspects of physical exercise from our routine and we also do not get time for special workouts.