How Getting On That Bike And Riding It Can Take You From Point A to Point B In Your Moment Of Crisis

Just do it. That was the final thought I had right before agreeing to learn how to ride the bike. After all, it wasn’t really my idea. I’d mentioned a few times (jokingly) that I wouldn’t stand for riding on the back of his as apposed to riding my own. My husband was dead serious when he pointed out to me (like where the h*** did that come from?) that we had some time right now and he’d teach me how to ride.

Quick, make and excuse! That was my first thought after gathering my composure from the near fainting spell caused by his words. I know I’d said I wanted to learn but now that the moment was here (and we really did have time) I was pretty determined to back out (kicking and screaming if necessary). A barrage of crap ran through my brain of what to say in order to banish the thought from his mind. I let a few pieces of that crap slip out. Finally he politely and very kindly told me it was ok. We’d do it another time.

I could hear myself screaming “You chicken sh**!!! You’re making yourself look like a big fat liar”!! Those overbearing belittling words pounded in my head so loudly that I couldn’t make out exactly what his gentle but badgering words were until I finally said “Oh for the love of God let’s just go do it”. About 1 minute and 10 seconds later I found myself in the car (still unsure to this day how I got there) following him on the bike to the empty school parking lot; my training site.

After the “here’s how to operate the bike” briefing, sweat pouring off of me, I reluctantly jumped on and OMG it was heavy! I heard myself say “you gotta be kiddin me”. My first few attempts were pretty lousy. The bike launched forward a bit as I popped the clutch and stalled it, and immediately the voice was back. “Screw this. It’s just not your thing and you can’t do it. Just tell him it’s not happening and get back in your car and go home”. A thick, ugly wave of shame hovered over me like fog and I shook my head in an attempt to dissipate it.

I took a deep breath and actually tried to listen to what he was telling me. I started the bike, drove it 10 feet and stopped. I glanced over at him and he smiled at me and told me to keep going and try again but only after critiquing me and pouring on 5 more minutes of additional skill building for bike riding advice. I thought to myself, “for gosh sake I’m not racing it at the INDY 500 or anything”, and I slowly let out the clutch.

I got past that “too slow to go” speed where you can’t even keep your balance on the damn thing and drove it for a few seconds in 1st gear. I tried again and got to 2nd gear. I turned around and headed back to him in the big 3rd gear (there are 6 by the way) and that moment changed everything for me. I was ridin’! Never mind the fact that I was only doing 25 MPH, I was ridin’! I rode right past him (with a smile) and around the school building and back to where I started.

The reason I shared this story with you is so you could get a feel for where all of these thoughts and emotions came from, and understand that despite them, IT can be done and it really doesn’t matter what IT is. In this case IT was riding the bike but for me it really hit home with my business as well. Everything I thought, everything I felt and everything I breathed had erupted from my own fear, and more specifically, the fear of failure.

Now this article isn’t about overcoming your fears of failure, because fear of failing is a normal part of getting a business going. It’s about realizing that it’s OK to have those fears, and then realizing that in order to get from point A to point B in your network marketing business, you have to “ride” them, or acknowledge them. From here, you simply have to face them, and then take steps every day, even if they’re small steps, to move with them and through them in order to get to your destination.

You can’t just wave a magic wand and make fear go away, so notice that I didn’t say get past your fears. You may never do that and that’s OK but I promise you this. They will lessen with each attempt at progress. You’ll start to look at them with a wicked smile on your face and say to yourself “Uh huh, I got you now”.

I’m excited for my next riding lesson now, but make no mistake, the fear is still there. I just had to make the decision not to be defeated, even if for a second I slip back into “chicken little” mode. I don’t have a goal of becoming a master at riding. I don’t even have a goal of getting that bike on the highway, but I do have a goal right now of getting it into 4th gear and yes, I feel like I need to say it again. I’m scared sh**less!

So take a good look at what is scaring you about your current network marketing business or starting one. Acknowledge it, but don’t accept it. Allow it only to be a marker for your point A, then start taking action right now. Take a step every day to move your business forward and you’ll very quickly find that doing this builds momentum and you’ll want to shift into 2nd gear, then 3rd.