How to Take Care of The Safety of Your Bike on The Road

When you are riding a bicycle, there are two major concerns in front of you: how to get safely from point A to point B with it and how to make sure that your bike wouldn’t get damaged or be stolen. Check out these useful tips to learn how to avoid any problems with a bike on the road.

How to reach safely a certain destination?

In order to have a nice ride, you have to:

  • Make sure your bike is in a good condition (brakes, tires, chain) and the right height for you.
  • Put on a safety helmet and pads. Don’t forget wearing comfortable shoes.
  • Don’t take too heavy objects (or any additional passengers) with you and always keep them in the basket.
  • Bright or fluorescent clothing is preferred, so that you would be noticed easily.
  • Stick to available cycle tracks as much as you can and avoid expressways and tunnel areas.
  • Ride your bike with safe speed and on the right side of a two-way street.
  • Never remove your feet of the pedals and hands of the handlebar.
  • Pay attention to any signs and signals on the road.
  • Always stop gently: a sudden brake is recommended only when some fast reaction is necessary.
  • Be really careful when you are passing through some wrecked or wet road.

How to keep your bicycle secured?

Bike racks are the most suitable and safe facilities you can use for keeping your bike away of any harms or theft.

  • You need to prefer bicycle racks located in or close to public buildings.
  • Keep in mind to secure your bike with a good quality lock or even 2 ones for a better protection. Attach the lock to your frame, wheels and the stand.
  • There are a lot of bicycles returned to the police, but unidentifiable. That is why you need to register your bike, just in case you lose it or if it is stolen. Also, take a picture of it and memorize some essential details as its frame number, model, etc.

Additionally you can use multiple locking mechanisms like a cable lock or locking skewers. Also, you can make your bicycle ugly in order to determine the thief to reconsider its intention. If your bicycle cost you a lot of money, then probably it is a very good idea to insure it. You can choose specific insurance cover against accidental damage and theft.