Have You Considered a Giant Mountain Bike?

It is always a great question which bike to buy for the first time. You are not sure what you actually should expect from your bike and which bike will perform as per your wishes.

This actually depends on what you want to do with your bike. Free riding or speeding down the slope or just paddle away in the wilderness. But one thing is common in all the requirements. All your biking needs can be fulfilled with a Giant mountain bike.

What You Need In a Bike

When you are considering getting yourself a bike there are a few aspects that have to be kept in mind which are:

o Reliability: Your bike should be a reliable one which you can take everywhere without having a doubt that it will not breakdown during your activity.

o Comfort: In most of the cases you will be riding your bike for extended durations. Any bike which you do not find comfortable will be a waste of your money, as you will not be able to give your best as it will tire you out sooner than what you would be able to achieve on a comfortable bike.

o Well balanced: A mountain bike is always expected to be well balanced as that will enhance your performance while ascending and descending. This aspect makes the biggest difference because as a biker your safety lies in your bike’s balance and center of gravity. A bike which is not well balanced will always be hard to paddle up the hill and difficult to handle down the hill.

o Great Looks: when it comes to begin a selection, the first thing that matters is the looks. A bike which is not attractive will not get even to the first base with a buyer. At least I will not even ask about the specifications of the quality of an ugly looking bike at the dealer’s.

With all the above aspects in mind what I feel is that a giant mountain bike is worth a consideration as it possesses all the qualities which anyone can desire in a bike. If you are considering a purchase, do consider giant Mountain Bike.

Naming a Business – The Good, Bad & the Ugly

The last post 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Naming A Business provided the mistakes to avoid however the post failed to provide the good (as there are sometimes that brands can make these work), bad and the ugly of each mistake. Feedback received and some research revealed that there are a LOT of blogs about what not to do and what to do but not many had examples of such. As this blog is tools, resources, tips, ways, etc of what the agency has experienced and seen around, a secondary post is warranted with some examples. There are many, many ways to name a business and making a name “your own”, combining that with your branding message and marketing materials is something to be proud of. However, there are some names that tend to stand out – whether they be good, bad or just ugly.

Referring back to the list of the previous post:

1. Too Generic. Names that start off with a very generic term need a describer word or words or a tag line to have people know what you do.

Good: One Hour (service industry for repairs of air, heating, etc). Creative, Bike World

Bad: American, Corporate, Ideal, Expert, A1

Ugly: Save Air, Gold Metal

2. Obscure. Again, while after saying the name over and over to yourself it starts to sink in but many times it is a head scratcher.


Bad: Ash Wipes (chimney sweep) Virus Woman,

Ugly: Hung Far Low (Chinese restaurant), Zyklon (cyanide-based pesticide that Natzi’s used to kill millions in WWII.

3. Awkward misspellings. They may look cool in the logo design and on the business cards but for small businesses in particular it is best to go back to the drawing board.

Good: Qwest, Krispy Kreme, Pick up Stix, Reebok (derived from rhebok, an african antelope).

Bad: Automattic, Reddi Rooter, Krazy Klothes,

Ugly: Justus Boyz, EZ-On, Digi-Trax, Purrfect Auto Services, EyeCon

4. Overused. Many times these fall into too generic as well. These are so overused across many industries where a simple search for a company can yield 10 different businesses in different industries who also though to use it.

Good: Town & Country, Pit Stop, Cards, Hair

Bad: Full Service, Universal, Statewide

Ugly: Letter A first: A Best Bailbonds, Millennium

5. Location Naming. Location naming is problematic for expansion. There are some that do work when the city is known for a certain food and they go outside their city.

Good: NY Bagels, Chicago Pizza, Philly Cheese Steaks

Bad: Desert, Red Rock, Beach, Mountain

Ugly: Streets: East Charleston & Lamb, Bay

6. Word Combination.

Good: Cabvertising, Lexmark (Lexington Marketing), Comcast (communication & broadcast)

Bad: VidiArt, Acceler8, UpperMost

Ugly: Dynalectric, Technovation,

7. Too Long. Long name are very difficult for people to remember and generally they shorten them for you.

Good: The Resort at Mount Charleston, Dental Resources Staffing

Bad: Nice & Clean Environmental Services, David Family Liquidators, Dee’s Doggie Deli & Tasha’s Grooming

Ugly: Blue Diamond Air Conditioning & Heating Company, Delmar Gardens of Green Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

There are so many more but these are a few examples to see what to avoid and in some cases where it is not the end of the business if you do go with a name that is not necessarily recommended. It has to work for you and the company. The worst case scenario is to have a business that people cannot remember, pronounce or shorten to their liking as they will do all that they can to avoid saying it… trust me.

How to Lose Leg Fat – Get Rid of Cellulite Thighs and Ugly Leg Fat

If you want to know how to lose leg fat, get rid of cellulite thighs and ugly leg fat the right way, this article will show you proven methods to give you the desired result in a very short time. If you suffer from unsightly cellulite around your buttocks and thighs, if you are overweight and want a fast and effective way to lose leg fat, if you want natural body shaping combined with cellulite reduction, cellulite elimination or complete cellulite removal this article will help you. You only have to follow the plans and stop self-sabotaging your weight loss goals.

The first thing you must do to lose leg fat fast, get rid of cellulite thighs and ugly leg fat is to begin a system of detox, short for detoxification. Detoxification is simply resting, cleaning and nourishing the body from the inside out. By removing and eliminating toxins, and feeding your body with healthy nutrients, detox will help protect you from disease, lose weight, leg fat, reduce cellulite, burn off stomach fat and renew your ability to maintain optimum health.

Detoxification also means cleaning and purifying the blood. It achieves this by removing impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination. The body also eliminates toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph and skin. However, when this system is compromised, impurities will not be properly filtered out of your body, your metabolic rate will be sluggish and every cell in the body will be adversely affected.

What to do? Reduce your toxin load by eliminating alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, refined sugars and saturated fats. Also, eliminate stress, which makes your body to release stress hormones into your system. While these hormones can provide the required adrenaline rush to meet a deadline, in large quantity stress create toxins and slow down the detoxification enzymes in your liver. All these act as toxins in your body and are obstacles to lose leg fat, get rid of cellulite thighs and ugly leg fat fast.

The second thing you must know if you want to know how to lose leg fat, get rid of cellulite thighs and ugly leg fat fast is to eat the right food that are low in calories and help increase your metabolic rate.

Examples of such foods are …

Vegetables: Asparagus, broccoli, fennel, gourd, leek, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, marrow, cauliflower, peppers, celery, chicory, radish, spinach, cress, tomato, cucumber, turnip.

Fruit: Apricot, blackberry, cantaloupe, mandarin orange, watermelon, peaches, plums, damsons, raspberries, grapefruit, rhubarb, guava, strawberry, lemon, tangerine.

Food rich in Omega-3: Sardines, salmon and mackerel. Plant sources of Omega-3 include flaxseeds (the richest plant source), walnuts, pumpkin seeds, green leafy vegetables, evening primrose oil, wheat germ and spirulina.

Green tea and Oolong tea: Green tea and Oolong tea play major roles in fat burning, thermogenesis and body fat loss. A recent study found that people who drank Oolong tea fortified with green tea extract over three months period lost more weight than those who drank just Oolong tea. Those who drank the green tea also reduced their BMI, waist sizes and total body fat. The study also revealed beneficial effect on fat deposits that lay just below the skin. Green tea and Oolong tea are natural and safe to help lose leg fat, get rid of cellulite thighs and ugly leg fat.

The third thing you must do is exercise which you must combine with the above two things if you want to lose leg fat fast. The exercise outline here is very beneficial to anyone who wants to lose leg fat fast and get rid of cellulite thighs.

Step 1: Get a stationary exercise bike and sit on the bike.

Step 2: Pedal at a really fast pace (sprint) for 8 seconds, then pedal at a slow or normal pace for 12 seconds.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2, 60 times (8 seconds +12 seconds = 20 seconds x 60 times = 20 minutes).

In 20 minutes, your workout exercise will be complete and you will become exhausted.

This exercise is simple to do but it has been proven to help you lose leg fat fast and very effective for cellulite reduction. This exercise will increase your resting metabolic rate and help you burn calories efficiently even when you are resting.

If you can commit to the things outline here, you will be able to lose leg fat quickly and reduce cellulite from any part of your body. It works and you will be surprise that you will lose leg fat fast and with the additional benefit of losing 20lbs in 3 weeks all over.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes – Stamina for Stamina!

The Stamina Recumbent Exercise Bikes are among the most popular gym equipment options in the market. This is perhaps because of their consumer-oriented approach. Not only are they keen to please the consumer’s need for comfort and convenience, but also their want for low-priced quality goods. Stamina, as a popular brand name, also identifies that exercise bikes are among the most effective and efficient gears of all gym equipments. They are effective in the sense that they ensure that with regular use, the user achieve medical as well as healthy fitness and efficient in the context of training programs as per the user’s choice.

The Stamina Exercise Bikes are designed with a brain. Their frames are hard and sturdy and rarely falter under extreme pressure. But unlike the other robust bikes, the Stamina Exercise Bikes are not ugly-looking. They can be flaunted in your living room, bedroom or where you choose to stash it away without disturbing your tasteful interior design. In fact, this is perhaps the only brand of exercise bikes that confidently recommends their use for commercial use as well. There is no worry about damage or fracture due to continuous and heavy usage or issues about the number of people who use it every day.

Most other bikes sport small seats that prove uncomfortable to the user’s sitting bones and provide no support. Stamina Exercise Bikes have seats that support your back and the muscles of your buttocks well, without letting the pressure being concentrated only on them as they usually are. This does not just add to the comfort but also the safety aspect of the product as it reduces the chances of the user falling off the back. The seats are wide and do not ‘poke’ and are well-padded but firm. Additionally, it aids good posture and puts you at ease.