The Hitch Mount Bike Rack – Why is it So Popular?

Can you imagine being able to get your bikes loaded and unloaded in less than 2 minutes? No more taking off the front wheel when trying to squash it into the back of you car. No more hassling to put the wheel back before you ride. A hitch mount bike rack will be the time saving solution. This article will explain why its the top selling bike rack on the market.

So why choose the hitch mount bike rack and not the trunk mount, roof top or spare tire mount carrier?

Well first off for security. It’s easy to lock your bicycles onto the carrier and the rack to the car. Although a determined thief would be able to steal the bike if they really wanted to, it certainly prevents just any passerby from taking your bikes are riding away with them!

Secondly the rack is separate from the actual car. No more scratches or smudges on the body of the vehicle.

Yes, all bike racks come with padding and they say that there is no way that your vehicle will get damaged, but I’m not so sure. I have often noticed cars with ugly marks on them left by a trunk mount or roof mount. I for one had to treat the roof of my car for rust damage after using roof racks for just a year.

Thirdly, is the fact of being able to get into the trunk of your vehicle whether the bikes are loaded or not.

There is no way that you will pull that off with a trunk mount bicycle carrier.

Don’t even think about it!

Some hitch mounts do prevent you from opening the hatch completely but there are some models that have been developed which swing away or fold up, while still attached to the back of the car. These models are a bit more expensive, but they save you a lot of trouble in the long run, because you make up time by not having to unload your bikes and the rack, when you want to get into the trunk.

Lastly, the hitch mount seems to come out tops when it comes to stability. I find this to be the more highly rated feature of this particular rack.

If you are going to be traveling over rough terrain, you don’t want your bikes rattling on the back of your car. Can you imagine the damage to the paint work of your bikes? There is one model in particular that stands out for stability. It supports both the back and front tires, holding them firmly in place.